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Fill out a simple, secure Demand Letter questionnaire and Courtlinked handles all the legal work.

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Courtlinked's paralegal will review your cause of action and draft you a custom Demand Letter.

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Once your Demand Letter has been drafted and approved, we will mail it using USPS Certification.

Demand Letter Introduction $39.95

A Demand Letter is a professional letter drafted by the paralegals of Courtlinked. The demand letter notifies the defendant/recipient to pay their debts within 30 days. The standard legal procedure of a Demand Letter is to show the small claims courts that a demand for payment was demanded prior to the filing of a small claims lawsuit. If you have asked the defendant for payment by: (1) phone (2) email or (3) in person, you have satisfied the demand letter procedures. However, many clients still prefer one more attempt before filing a small claims lawsuit.

You can also use the Demand Letter as evidence in court. Many clients do experience a positive success rate on our demand letters and those that do not, simply proceed with their small claim lawsuit. Our Demand Letter is professionally drafted to your cause of action. Your Demand Letter will be emailed to you for approval before mailed certified.

$39.95 (Includes USPS Certified Mailing)

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Demand Letters with CourtLinked

  • You save Time and Money (competitors charge over $75-$350)
  • You will approve our demand letter before it is mailed.
  • Our Demand Letters have a high settlement rate.
  • Demand Letter is processed within 24-72 hours.
  • CourtLinked's associates will Custom Draftyour demand letter.
  • You can present our Demand Letter to the judge.
  • Your Certified Mail Tracking Number will be emailed to you.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.