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Whether its career reason, religious reason, divorce, or simply the dissatisfaction of your current name, let the experts at Courtlinked.com assist you with your legal name change procedures. The associates of Courtlinked.com have assisted thousands of adults and parents with their name change reasons.

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Minor Name Changes Introduction

The person who files the petition is known as the "Petitioner". The petitioner is either (1) the parent or (2) the court appointed legal guardian(s) of the minor. If both parents of the minor are present and give full consent to the name change there should not be any complications. However, when there is only one parent filing the minor name change petition it is recommended if the absent biological parent consents to the name change petition.

If the biological or the absent parent cannot be located and the main petitioner does not know the whereabouts of that individual, certain procedure must be followed to satisfy the courts. Some court recommend that the parent filing the name change can put out a publication in seek of that parent or get required petitions from family member. Please contact us or the courts for more information.

Some state require that the minor be a resident of that state for a period of 6 months prior to any name change petitions.

Some Reasons of a Minor Name Changes

  • The addition or the removal of a biological parent's name.
  • Professional and Career reasons.
  • Dissatisfaction of the minor's current name.
  • Religious Reasons.
  • Foreign Nationality Reasons.
  • Cumbersome Reasons.
  • Add or to Remove Family Name.
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