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Demand Letters & Small Claims

In most states, a demand letter is needed prior to filing a small claims action. A demand letter basically indicates to the courts that a demand for payment has been made but defendant has failed to pay.

You have satisfied the demand statues, if you have (1) written a letter to the defendant asking for payment, (2) emailed the defendant and (3) having phone conversations.

This program will include a custom drafted demand letter which will be emailed to you for approval after you submit your small claims (if needed). Once you approve the demand letter, we will MAIL it to your defendant(s) CERTIFIED MAIL - FREE.


  • The demand letter will contain your cause of action.
  • You can use the demand letter in court as evidence. You can show it to the judge that you have asked for payment.
  • If defendant settles, simply call us and we will drop the case.

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